Platforms: PC
Release Date: TBA
Genre: Action, RPG, RTS
Publisher: Gas Powered Games
Developer: Gas Powered Games

Acclaimed game developer Chris Taylor and his award winning Gas Powered Games (GPG) team is ready to take you on a “walk on the wild side” with a brand new and unique gaming experience. Gas Powered Games today announced the development of Wildman, a combination of an action role-playing game (RPG) and real-time strategy (RTS) game that could only come from the creative (and wild) mind of one of the industry’s most entertaining figures.

The GPG team has a long history of making successful RPG and RTS games such as Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander and Demigod. And the team will be pulling some of the best features from each of them to create the unique Wildman experience that is a combination of both popular genres. Imagine a game where you control a single hero unit—the “Wildman”—in the middle of a raging battle between opposing forces in a specially designed War Zone. You engage the enemy and see your opponent switching tactics, forcing you to reconfigure your army to counter. You push the enemy back to their base before facing your opponent’s champion. Over the course of this battle, you upgrade your armies with new technology, execute special abilities, construct defenses, change your army composition, and shape-shift into new forms that grant you new abilities. This is Wildman.

Now imagine that between these War Zone battles you can go on role-playing adventures. You can explore fantastical environments. You can discover ancient dungeons full of mystery and treasure. You can earn new skills. You can discover and equip new weapons and armor. You can collect materials. You can craft new items. You can fight relentless onslaughts of men and monsters. This is also Wildman.

- Description provided by Gas Powered Games

Posted by Press Play | 30 Jan 2013 | Description, Images, PC Games

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