Press Play Welcomes Andrew Whipple III


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Andrew Whipple III

Hello Press Play fans!

I wanted to take the time to officially welcome a new member to the Press Play team. Andrew Whipple III is an extremely talented writer and producer, whose brand of fiery dedication to this industry matches perfectly with ours. I’ve worked directly with him on a few projects since we first met at PAX East in Boston this year, and since then he’s constantly impressed me with his coverage at Gamer’s Guide to Life and most recently, The Plagued Gamer. As you see, hear and read his upcoming features I know you’ll be just as charmed by his unique, genuine approach.

For fans of the site, Andrew’s arrival also means Press Play’s content will be kicked into overdrive. I can’t reveal all of our tricks just yet, but it’s safe to say there are going to be a lot of cool things happening around here. Keep checking back on the site as we roll out new weekly and bi-weekly features for you to enjoy!

You can learn more about Andrew on his bio page, and you can get an idea of his writing and video style over at his website, The Plagued Gamer.

Cheers -

Nick Hawryluk
Senior Producer

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