Policenauts (PS, 1996) MicroReview

Space-faring science fiction tale serves as a compelling point-and-click adventure, but narrative savagely overstays its welcome. Much of the writing in this one really shines, with memorable, charismatic characters (though many of them are clearly ripped from ‘Lethal Weapon,’ the similarities are only skin-deep) and probably the most well-realized universe in any Kojima title- it’s a shame that the plot is so bloated, separated into a baffling structure of seven acts. There’s also a lot of really strange and out-of-place ickiness in the way the main character conspicuously ogles every woman he sees- including his partner’s daugher (at least Mel Gibson was respectful about it in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ scene this game is referencing). Being a point-and-click adventure, combined with its first person shooting sections, using a mouse is a must. PlayStation release is actually a graphically overhauled version of the 1994 original for the PC-98. Never having been released stateside, playing this one at all is only possible for English speakers thanks to an excellent 2009 fan translation.

Policenauts Translation Project – find out more info at the project’s website.


Policenauts / Konami / Konami / January 19, 1996

This review was conducted on the PlayStation version of the game, using the 2009 English fan translation.

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