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This weekend Press Play is headed to Boston for the promised land of video games, utili-kilts, oh so many fedora hats. That’s right, it’s time for PAX East once more!

This year is sure to bring plenty of awesome high-profile games (even some unannounced ones we can’t tell you about yet), and the beefed-up Indie Megabooth will have more games than your wildest dreams! We’ll to be making the rounds, looking high and low for the best of the show to bring right to your computer screen.

Press Play @ PAX East 2013

The guys in their natural element.

You can expect our signature Press Play episodes from the event, and we’re excited to show off the series’ new style! For you superfans, make sure to keep your eyes open for our Press Play Uncut interviews, the special features where you can learn even more about the games you like! All in all, this is going to be one heck of a PAX, so keep yourself glued to this page for all the updates as they happen!



PAX East 2013 Episode 1

PAX East ’13 Episode 1

[Webseries Episode]

The guys get the post-pandemic blues with The Last of Us, and talk crazy 80’s time travel in Super Time Force from PAX East 2013!



Quadrilateral Cowboy

Quadrilateral Cowboy Interview

[Video Interview]

Nick talks to Brendon Chung about his new cyberpunk hacking adventure, Quadrilateral Cowboy at PAX East 2013!



Secret Ponchos

Secret Ponchos Interview

[Video Interview]

Nick talks to Yousuf and Chris about their Wild West top-down shooter Secret Ponchos at PAX East 2013!




Wildstar Interview

[Video Interview]

Andrew talks to Mike Donatelli all about Carbine Studios‘ new MMO, Wildstar!





Daylight Interview

[Video Interview]

Nick talks to Collin Moore about the psychological horror and next-gen graphic engines in Daylight at PAX East 2013!



Sanctum 2Sanctum 2 Interview

[Video Interview]

Andrew talks to Armin and Oscar from Coffee Stain Studios about FPS Tower Defense sequel Sanctum 2 at PAX East 2013!



LuftrausersLuftrausers Interview

[Video Interview]

Nick talks to Rami Ismail about Vlambeer‘s upcoming WWII flight combat game Luftrausers at PAX East 2013!



Dead Island RiptideDead Island Riptide Interview

[Video Interview]

Creative Producer Sebastian Reichert tells all about Dead Island Riptide at PAX East 2013!



Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's CutDeus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Interview

[Video Interview]

Nick speaks with Emile Pedneault about the micro and macro-level changes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut for Wii U at PAX East 2013!


TransistorTransistor Interview

[Video Interview]

Nick speaks with Supergiant Games‘ Greg Kasavin about their new action-RPG title Transistor at PAX East 2013!



Shovel KnightShovel Knight Interview

[Video Interview]

Andrew speaks with Sean Velasco about old-school platformer Shovel Knight at PAX East 2013!



Heroes & GeneralsHeroes & Generals Interview

[Video Interview]

Nick speaks with Peter Fleckenstein about the hugely ambitious WWII shooter/RTS Heroes & Generals at PAX East 2013!



Saints Row IVSaints Row IV Interview

[Video Interview]

Nick talks to Design Director Scott Phillips about Saints Row IV at PAX East 2013! Among the topics covered are superpowers, alien simulations, 80-foot-tall soda cans and dildo-based weaponry. Yeah, we’re serious.


Sacred CitadelSacred Citadel Interview

[Video Interview]

Andrew talks with Alex Toplansky about the gorgeous beat’ em up Sacred Citadel at PAX East 2013!



The Last of UsThe Last of Us Interview

[Video Interview]

Nick talks to Eric Monacelli all about Naughty Dog‘s survival horror title The Last of Us, and discuss ‘the infected’ for the first time ever at PAX East 2013!




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