Orcs Must Die! 2 Weekly Challenge 08

Welcome to the new year and what better way to celebrate than by slaughtering ceaseless amounts of orcs? In this challenge scenario, you’re presented with one-time use weapons that rely on perfect placement to succeed. With no primary weapons at your disposal, currency becomes a factor as every misplaced trap ends up hurting you.

Entitled “Disposable Income,” this Orcs Must Die! 2 challenge map proves how effective Boom Barrels really are. Acting as your true primary weapon, Boom Barrels are the only way you’ll come out on top, but you’ll also have your trusty Wind Belt and some Bear Traps to back you up as a last line of defense.

There’s really only one place to set up in this challenge and, as you’ll witness in the video above, it can become a rather awesome setup if done right. Just remember, BOOM BARRELS. That is all.

Thanks for joining us for the year’s first OMD!2 weekly challenge. As always, come on back next week for another dose!


When Andrew Whipple III isn’t writing or arguing about why Final Fantasy VI is the greatest game of all-time, he’s a dedicated New York Giants fan who loves to socialize and die in Gradius. 

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