New Feature: MicroReviews

We all play video games around here- there’s no question about that. But we don’t always play the latest releases to completion as soon as they’re released. That’s just not Press Play TV’s thing- we write reviews now and then, but we mostly focus on our video content (hence the ‘TV’ in our name). Since I’ve been working my way through the Fallout 3 DLC recently (partly inspired by the renewed relevance of the Mad Max franchise), it dawned on me: MicroReviews!

I cross off completed games from my personal backlog all the time, but by the time I finish these games it’s usually not worth writing the typical 1,000 words. So why not write a quick paragraph about the game, assign a score and be on my merry way? That’s the idea of MicroReviews- if you’re thinking about picking up a slightly older game in a Steam sale, you can check in and see if we’ve put down our modern-day thoughts about it first!


When buying an older game, sometimes it’s not useful to see reviews from when it was released.

See, buying older games can be tricky: many times they haven’t aged well, either due to outdated design or technological glitches that screw up on modern machines. Unfortunately, if you look up reviews of something like the DLC for Fallout 3, you’ll typically only see things written at the time they were released, and those thoughts can be increasingly irrelevant as time ticks on. With MicroReviews, you’ll be able to see our take on a game, having played it much more recently. And let’s face it- you usually skip to the summary paragraph of a review anyway- why not cut out the middle man and make the entire review a single paragraph?

They’ll be on Press Play TV’s usual 10-point scale, and I’ll be encouraging friends of the site to contribute their thoughts as well. And remember, we review games a bit differently around here: we use the ENTIRE 10 points in our judgments, not the overly-generous ‘7-10′ scale that many outlets tend to use. We at Press Play TV also pride ourselves on the subjectivity of our reviews- great film critics like Roger Ebert or Leonard Maltin would thrive because of their opinions, not because of how they’d try to homogenize their thoughts to the lowest common denominator of reader- we’d like our writers to do the same. I’d even love to see multiple reviews of the same game, so you can get multiple sides of the story!

This is all for the future though, and right now we’ll just be focusing on playing games and writing our MicroReviews as we go. We’ll still be doing reviews of modern games when we happen to play them in a timely manner, but MicroReviews are our new way to address games of the past with a fresh, modern set of eyes. We hope you enjoy reading them!

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