Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (1999) MicroReview

Tiresome series of challenge rooms based on the original Metal Gear Solid framework quickly loses its charm by forcing you to play through most of its early content twice, in order to unlock later stages. There actually is a decent helping of the truly weird stuff you’d expect in a Kojima game, but it only comes after grinding through hours of clinical weapon handling tests. Having never played ‘VR Missions,’ it now makes sense how Ground Zeroes later came to be, as many of that game’s bad habits can be traced back to this. I imagine this one is a lot more tolerable in its original format- in Japan the package was titled Metal Gear Solid: Integral and featured an expanded version of the original MGS, with this game included as a bonus disc- but that collection isn’t available in America. All-too-brief set of “Mystery” rooms are the clear high point here. Don’t miss the handful of original Metal Gear Solid trailers in the “Extras” section, showing insightful early footage of that far-superior game.


Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions / KCEJ / Konami / September 23, 1999

This review was conducted on the PlayStation version of the game, through the PS3’s “PSone Classics” emulation.

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