Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (2010) MicroReview

Kojima-directed, portable Metal Gear Solid game is part stealth, part management sim. Works incredibly well while coordinating your base, but typical MGS aspects suffer dearly- stealth is painfully easy, boss fights are uninspired shoot ’em ups, and storyline is a joke. Worst of all, there’s a heavy focus on monotonous grinding. Make sure you don’t stop after the credits roll… you’re in for 10 hours of pure grind to get to the ‘real ending’- and don’t miss it either, or you’ll be hopelessly lost in later entries! Not my idea of fun, but a lot of people I respect swear by it, so results may vary. I played the ‘HD Collection’ console port, which far surpasses the original PSP version due to its control scheme upgrade.


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker / Kojima Productions / Konami / April 29, 2010

This review was conducted on the Xbox 360 version of the ‘HD Collection’ port.

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