Metal Gear (1987) MicroReview

Hideo Kojima’s seminal freshman effort still has significant ties, both in plot and theme, to his later Metal Gear Solid series. Puzzles in this one can be insanely abstract, to the point that it’s basically impossible in certain places to progress without using a walkthrough- whether having the original case and manual would have helped I don’t know. As expected, there’s also a lot of backtracking as you collect card keys for higher clearance levels, which adds a layer of frustration when enemies and traps constantly respawn, not to mention the baffling architectural choices of the Outer Heaven complex. This is certainly an important piece of video game history however, and other than its few very obtuse elements it’s still an engaging experience. For fans of the Metal Gear Solid series, this will satisfy more than one might expect, which you can read more about in my article about playing it for the first time. Beware the NES version of this game, which was partially remade without Kojima’s consent and isn’t considered canon- you can find a port of the original MSX2 release included in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.


Metal Gear / Konami / Konami / July 7, 1987

This review was conducted on the MSX2 port of the game included in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on Xbox 360.

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