Fallout: New Vegas (2010) MicroReview

West coast followup to Fallout 3 does a great job setting itself apart, but ultimately suffers from sloppier game design and a less cohesive setting. The actual Vegas architecture and costumes feel out of place, being weirdly pristine yet still sporting the run-down look- it’s like the designers couldn’t make up their mind. Also, many of the added gameplay systems like ammo or item crafting are redundant or useless. Some great characters and plot lines in this one though, and still certainly worth playing. Interesting note: some of the designers from the scrapped Fallout 2 followup “Van Buren” found their way to Obsidian, and many of their original ideas for Fallout 3 have shaped this game’s story.


Fallout: New Vegas / Obsidian / Bethesda / October 19, 2010

This review was conducted on the PC version of the game.

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