Fallout (1997) MicroReview

Interplay’s spiritual successor to Wasteland holds up shockingly well. Having only played Bethesda’s first-person sequels, Fallout (1997) fits like an old glove, using familiar themes and locales- even the sound effects carry over! Open world feels legitimately dangerous, and choices can have very real consequences- just make sure you save often and in multiple slots to prevent game-ending imprisonments or enemies’ impossibly lucky shots from cutting your experience short. I played the GOG version, which ran just fine on my machine- it even preserved its 4:3 aspect ratio without any fuss. If you enjoy RPGs and can be a bit patient with its minorly rusty joints, Fallout still shines with the best of them.


Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game / Interplay / Interplay / September 30, 1997

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