Dead Rising (2006) MicroReview

As far as I’m concerned, Dead Rising is one of the greatest games ever made. Glad to say it still holds up in 2016. Brilliant set of core concepts, asking the player to place the survival of others above their own safety, and using a strict timer mechanic to create scenarios where not everyone can be saved. Amount of zombies on screen, level design and available weaponry are still hugely impressive, and the story is just dumb enough to be fun. Beautiful performance by TJ Rotolo as main character Frank West, carrying so much of the game’s charm on his back. I could write volumes about why this game is immaculate, but it’s best if you just play it instead. This time I played the PC re-release, which has been cleaned up nicely by Capcom- I’d recommend playing this version for its inclusion of multiple save slots.


Dead Rising/ Capcom / August 8, 2006

This review was conducted on the PC version of the game.

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