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High Level | Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 Review

What happens when Bioshock is made simply for Bioshock’s sake? Nick explores BIOSHOCK INFINITE’s newest DLC on a High Level.

Press Play Talks 009: Massive Chalice Interview w/ Brad Muir

Brad Muir talks about Double Fine‘s upcoming tactical strategy game, Massive Chalice. Points discussed are space elevators, blood relics, “Roid Demons” and more! 
Cart Life

Press Play Talks 008: Cart Life Interview – Indiecade East 2013

In the final talk from Indiecade East 2013, Nick talks to Cart Life creator Richard Hofmeier. Stick around til the end to hear about his upcoming projects!
The Stanley Parable

Press Play Talks 007: Stanley Parable Interview – Indiecade East 2013

Nick talks to Davey, creator of existential HL2 mod The Stanley Parable at Indiecade East 2013!  
International Racing Squirrels

Press Play Talks 006: International Racing Squirrels Interview – Indiecade East 2013

Nick talks to Rob from Playniac about cute/evil race management simulator International Racing Squirrels for iOS at Indiecade East 2013!
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