Steampunks | War of the Vikings (Full Release)

Nick and Chris down a horn of mead and jump back into WAR OF THE VIKINGS, which is now officially released.   

Steampunks | Corporate Lifestyle Simulator

Nick accurately simulates life in a corporate office, zombies and all.     

Steampunks | Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Nick, Chris and Pete jack into the matrix and deck their way through the new SHADOWRUN RETURNS campaign, DRAGONFALL. And by that, we mean they die a horrible death….  

Steampunks Gaiden | Titanfall Beta

Nick digs giant robots! …and jetpacks.  

Steampunks | Jazzpunk

The guys check out JAZZPUNK, which may be the weirdest game ever featured on Steampunks…  

Steampunks | Loadout

The guys make Mr. T dance Gangnam Style and laugh at some horrific violence in free-to-play shooter LOADOUT!  

Steampunks | Blackguards

Nick checks out turn-based RPG Blackguards, where not even the heroes are heroic.   

Steampunks | Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

What happens when Platinum Games interprets a Hideo Kojima franchise? Well, it gets weird… Nick slashes and dismembers his way through METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE on the first Steampunks of the new year! Check it out Wednesday at 8pm EST!
Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 | Just Because [Part 2]

Nick revisits FAR CRY 2, having remembered how to actually play the game in another Just Because livestream!  
Posted by Press Play | 24 Dec 2013 | Just Because, Livestreams | No Comments
Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 | Just Because

Nick explores one of the great underrated shooters of the past generation, FAR CRY 2, in this Just Because livestream.  
Posted by Press Play | 22 Dec 2013 | Just Because, Livestreams | No Comments
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