Tomb Raider

This unique blend of blockbuster set pieces and open-ended exploration makes this not only the best Tomb Raider title, but one of the best action-adventure experiences you can have in a video game.


When was the last time you truly didn’t understand the limits of possibility in the virtual world you inhabited? No matter how long you’ve been playing games, Antichamber will make you feel like a newborn learning everything for the first time, and that is a marvelous achievement.

Strike Suit Zero

Delivering beautiful environments, diverse missions and attractive replayability, this game will keep you hooked. Once you rip your first cruiser in half after simultaneously taking out three corvettes, you’ll understand the power that is Strike Suit Zero!

The Walking Dead

Keeping you tense and fully enamored until the final credits roll, The Walking Dead is a game you owe it to yourself to play.

Halo 4

  Buried deep down, there’s a lot to like about this new entry in the Halo saga, but by refusing to take significant risks and playing it safe, Halo 4 is more mediocre than it ought to be.

Hotline Miami

  Hotline Miami is an aggressive, cynical statement that at its core is a lot of fun, and that’s what ultimately makes it so worth playing.  

Borderlands 2

  With heaps of polish on an already great game’s systems, brilliant writing, and a never-ending drive for loot, it’s easy to get lost in Borderlands 2. It’s the most fun I’ve had all year, and I’m willing to bet you’ll agree.

Quantum Conundrum

  Despite similarities to its spiritual predecessor, Quantum Conundrum creates its own personality, and it’s one of the most compelling puzzlers in recent memory- a promising start to what will hopefully become a larger series.

Max Payne 3

  Max Payne 3 is a gritty, story-focused, action-packed masterpiece, highlighting everything that made the series great while moving toward what feels like an extension of Remedy’s original vision.

Soul Calibur V

  “With its gameplay improvements, solid multiplayer and always-entertaining character creator, Soul Calibur V proves this soul may still burn for a while longer.”
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