Quantum Conundrum Livestream

  Check out Quantum Conundrum, newest title from Portal‘s Kim Swift with the Press Play crew at 9:30pm Eastern tonight!   With this, we at Press Play are excited to announce our newest segment, the Steampunks Livestream! Those who have listened to the Press Play Podcast are already somewhat...
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Check Out Half-Priced Red Orchestra 2 for Glory of Motherland!

  Tripwire Interactive’s WWII shooter is now only $19.99 and everyone who owns the game has free guest passes for friends, making it hard to pass up one of the best multiplayer experiences to date.
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Download the Music Max Payne Hates, Decide For Yourself

Rockstar has announced today that they are releasing a full set of house beats by Trouble & Bass, referred to as the Trouble in Brazil Mixtape, for fans to listen to for free on their Soundcloud page. Traumatized witnesses may recall this as the music playing when Max Payne...
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Next-Gen Final Fantasy Tech Demo

The following video and screenshots are from a recently released tech demo by Square Enix on their new Luminous Studio engine.
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Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Breakdown

  Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side in LucasArts’ upcoming Star Wars 1313. Find out why it’s the grittiest and most visceral game in series history!
Posted by Press Play | 05 Jun 2012 | E3 2012, Editorials, Featured, News | No Comments
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