Article: Nick Hawryluk

MINI-REVIEW: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1

With extremely inspired visual design and a sharp script, it seems that lightning has struck twice for Telltale Games with THE WOLF AMONG US.

NY Comic Con 2013 Coverage HQ

New York Comic Con is one of the largest comic book, movie, anime and video game gatherings in the world, and from October 11 through the 14th we’ll be roaming the jam-packed Javits Center in NYC to bring you our coverage!

E3 2013 Coverage HQ

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a place we gather every year for big announcements, great trailers and embarrassing  press conferences. This year is of particular note because we’ll learn the details of the next several years in gaming when Microsoft and Sony show their hands. It’s exciting stuff! 
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Blood in the Streets: Player Choice in Bioshock Infinite

Halfway through Bioshock Infinite, Nick’s experience is shaped by a completely random occurrence, causing him to question player agency in video games. 

PAX East 2013 Coverage HQ

This weekend Press Play is headed to Boston for the promised land of video games, utili-kilts, oh so many fedora hats. That’s right, it’s time for PAX East once more!
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