Article: Andrew Whipple III

Neverwinter Beta Live Picturebook

Andrew is acting as a medieval wartime photographer in the press beta of Neverwinter for this Live Picturebook! Make sure to keep checking back for new screenshot updates!

It Takes a Wildman to Evolve the Gaming Industry

As Wildman nears the end of its Kickstarter campaign, Andrew Whipple III takes a look at the bold title and wonders if Chris Taylor’s hybrid gameplay and all-or-nothing attitude could be the jumpstart our industry needs. 

Strike Suit Zero

Delivering beautiful environments, diverse missions and attractive replayability, this game will keep you hooked. Once you rip your first cruiser in half after simultaneously taking out three corvettes, you’ll understand the power that is Strike Suit Zero!

Strike Suit Zero Live Picturebook – Part 3

Andrew’s been playing a whole lot of Strike Suit Zero. Check out some of his newest screens!

Strike Suit Zero Live Picturebook – Part 2

Part 1 got so big we needed make a whole second piece of this Picturebook! Make sure to check out our Steampunks feature to learn more about the game. ROBOTS IN SPAAAAAAAAACE! 
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