Press Play TV Review Scale

Press Play TV takes pride in utilizing as much of the 10-point review scale as possible. Our highest score represents a game you should definitely play, but it isn’t necessarily “the perfect game.” We think it’s futile to waste the top spot on something no game can likely achieve. Similarly, our definition of the “average” game falls to a 5. Either way, if you’re interested in checking a game out, make sure you read the accompanying article as well to hear what the reviewer has to say.

It should go without saying, but every Press Play TV review is 100% the subjective opinion of the writer. If you want a rundown of a game’s features, or for every type of player (however futilely) to be taken into account, look elsewhere- we’re more interested in how much fun a game is, its narrative cohesion, and the taste it left in our mouths afterwards.

score10 Press Play TV Review Scale


Not necessarily perfect, but a game we think you should absolutely play. Even if you aren’t usually a fan of the genre, there’s a good chance you’ll have a blast.

score9 Press Play TV Review Scale

This game is fun throughout, despite a few problems. Any issues don’t detract from the overall experience in a significant way. You usually can’t go wrong with a game like this. 

score8 Press Play TV Review Scale

A solid game. You’ll to get your money’s worth, especially if you’re a series or genre fan.



score7 Press Play TV Review Scale

There’s a lot of fun to be had here. Despite some setbacks, it accomplishes most of its tasks and is still worth your time.


score6 Press Play TV Review Scale

It’s a ham sandwich without the cheese. This game could have been a lot more if certain core elements weren’t missing or broken. If you’re a fan of the genre, you’re likely to find something here worth your time.


score5 Press Play TV Review Scale

A game that fails to go above and beyond. It has its moments, but you’ll have to dig for them. Unless you need this title for your collection, we’d recommend a rental.


score4 Press Play TV Review Scale

There may be redeeming qualities, but it’s not likely you’ll enjoy the experience. Rent at your own risk.


score3 Press Play TV Review Scale

It’s a dicey recommendation, even if it costs less than your morning coffee.


score2 Press Play TV Review Scale

This game doesn’t deliver. The menu screens are likely the best part of the experience. 


score1 Press Play TV Review Scale

We’d have trouble calling this a “game.” 


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