Andrew Whipple III

“I lost a bomb. Do you have it?”


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Andrew Whipple III

Andrew Whipple III is a writer, editor and producer with Press Play. He also interviews a wide variety of developers within the industry and enjoys showcasing a plethora of titles via the Press Start feature. Andrew has written for several publications and covered notable events such as PAX and E3 in person. His goal is to eventually become a more renowned personality within the industry which would mean you’d be seeing a lot more of him. Daily.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys cooperative games with close friends as well as a solid argument about anything in the business. He’s an avid player of MOBA titles (DOTA 2 over League of Legends) and has a soft spot for Dark Souls and Final Fantasy VI. He’s a sucker for narrative and will try anything so don’t be afraid to recommend him your favorite titles.


Andrew’s Top 5 Games of All Time:

  1. Final Fantasy VI
  2. Baldur’s Gate II
  3. Dark Souls
  4. Asheron’s Call
  5. Mega Man 6


Find Andrew online:

  • Steam: infestedandy
  • Xbox Live: Zaasz
  • PSN: infestedandy
  • Twitter: @infestedandy


Andrew’s Most Recent Articles: