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Press Play TV was founded in 2011 by Nick Hawryluk. Because Nick did video production for a living he wanted to see a games website that focused specifically on video coverage, but none existed that really satisfied him… so he created his own! Now Press Play TV has formed into a collective of friends and journalists who combine forces to bring informative, funny, sometimes super dumb content right to your computer screen. You can find us reporting from all sorts of industry events, interviewing developers or just bringing you the latest cool Steam game every Wednesday. One thing’s for sure though: there’s always something new to find on Press Play TV!


Press Play TV is the name of our signature webseries. It’s where we say dumb stuff about upcoming games, but in a documentary style, so it sounds smarter! Ranging from exciting coverage of major industry events to quiet, thoughtful discussions on games we love, Press Play TV is sure to keep you excited about the video games industry and make you feel like you’re right there with us on our adventures.


Steampunks is a weekly program that airs every Wednesday on Press Play TV, focusing on a Steam title that we think deserves your precious time!


MicroReviews are short, one-paragraph critiques of games we’ve been playing. They’re intended to give you an idea of how older games hold up over the harsh decay of time.


If you want to get more from your video game trailers, you’ve come to the right place! With Press Playback, we go through trailers for your favorite upcoming games with a fine-tooth comb, shedding light on every feature buried beneath all the fast cuts and loud music.


Press Play Talks is a podcast that focuses on open-ended conversations with video game developers. If you want to really get into the nitty-gritty of what’s behind making your favorite games, this is where to do it.


The road crew travels to distant lands, showing you events you may have overlooked, or even places we think you should check out. Whether that’s the launch of a new game or console, or a cool vintage video game store, you’ll feel like you never missed the real thing!


On Press Start, the guys play a game and discuss it for extended periods. Seeing a game in action and having live demonstrations of what’s good and bad is a great way to tell if it’s worth your hard-earned cash!


Of course, Press Play has an extensive website as well, with plenty of written content for people who prefer reading to watching. Ranging from reviews and news to soapbox editorials, we never shy away from voicing our controversial opinions and experiences!


If you want to take a peek into the minds of the Press Play TV guys, well, here ya go. Take a look at our review scale before you decide to harass our writers in the comments! Hooray!









How Do I JumpMany of Press Play TV’s video features are joined by Peter Kendall and Chris Nagy of How Do I Jump. Nick from Press Play TV is also a regular on their podcast The Weekly Jump. You can check them out at www.hd1jump.com.

Contact Press Play TV: info@pressplaytv.com

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