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Press Play is made up of a small group of dedicated video game journalists, who just happen to be professionals in the field of video production. Each of our segments helps to bring you all the varied gaming coverage you could ever want!



Press Play The Webseries is where you can find all the highest quality video content on the latest games. Ranging from exciting coverage of major industry events to quiet, thoughtful discussions on games we love, the webseries is sure to always keep you excited about the video games industry and make you feel like you’re right there with us on our adventures!



The road crew travels across distant lands, showing you events you may have missed, or even places we think you should check out! Whether that’s the launch of a new game or console, or a cool vintage video game store, you’ll feel like you never missed the real thing!



Steampunks is a high-quality live show Press Play produces Fridays at 9:00 Eastern time, focusing on a Steam title that we think deserves your precious time! If you miss the show we always upload the episodes afterwards, but be sure to catch it live to participate in the chat and help make the show crazier than it already is!



Every month, the Press Play crew gets together to discuss what’s on their minds in the world of video games for the Press Play Podcast. Grab a sandwich and get ready for some longform discussions on the games you love (or love to hate), all in a handy audio podcast!



Of course, Press Play has an extensive website as well, with plenty of written content for people who prefer reading to viewing. Ranging from reviews to soapbox editorials, we never shy away from voicing our controversial opinions and experiences!



If you want to take a peek into the minds of the Press Play guys, well, here ya go. Take a look at our review scale before you decide to harass our review staff in the comments! Hooray!





NickBio Press Play

Nick Hawryluk Senior Producer

Nick Hawryluk is the co-pruducer, director and editor of Press Play the Webseries. He also runs and contributes articles to the Press Play website. Having a history in video production, Nick has worked on quite a few major projects in the television industry as well, giving him a unique perspective in games industry video production.

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GabeMorales Press Play

Gabe Morales Producer

Gabe Morales, fighting game and comic book fanatic, is the glue that holds together much of Press Play’s video content. He takes on the duty of co-hosting the webseries, and endures (also frequently causes) the stupid, crazy stuff we do. With great power comes great responsibility however, and Gabe helps produce and write for Press Play as well. A true Renaissance Man!






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Andrew Whipple III Web Producer

Andrew Whipple III is a writer, editor and producer with Press Play. He also interviews a wide variety of developers within the industry and enjoys showcasing a plethora of titles via the Press Start feature. Andrew has written for several publications and covered notable events such as PAX and E3 in person. His goal is to eventually become a more renowned personality within the industry which would mean you’d be seeing a lot more of him. Daily.

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BrianStieve Press Play

Brian Stieve

Brian Stieve is currently on leave from Press Play, but he has worked on many projects with us throughout our lifespan, as well as helping launch the webseries. We heart Brian!







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